Welcome to Bernstein site. Management consulting company, working with a variety of services and clients. We are one of the leading IT outsourcing companies in Bulgaria.

Our team

Our advisory board gathers various experts with proven record in the fields of IT outsourcing, strategic business development, business networking and operations management.

About Bernstein & Co

Bernstein is an integrated business consulting company that works with a wide range of services and clients. Our experienced team includes growth strategists, business developers and communications managers that deliver results. We work with you to understand your needs and requirements and develop a clearly defined proposition elaborating a business model that matches your specifics.
Our team operates in a variety of industries across Europe, Australia, Canada and the UAE.
Our expertise is focused into four main business sectors:

Bernstein Business Sectors

How we can help you?

We facilitate business contacts and links to alliances, partners and institutions, and offer representation services, including outsourcing and running representative offices. We can help you reduce your operational costs and grow your business by relocating your production, trade operations or other core business functions.
We focus on the right steps and activities to move your business forward by simply incorporating our additional input into your decision-making process. Based on initial analysis we provide you with a solution and deploy a team of highly experienced experts who work closely with your team. Together we deliver an integral and effective plan for strategic business development.