Welcome to Bernstein site. Management consulting company, working with a variety of services and clients. We are one of the leading IT outsourcing companies in Bulgaria.

Business Development Consulting

Using our knowledge and extensive international experience we help your business move forward. Based on initial research and analysis, we provide you with a solution and deploy a team of highly experienced experts who work closely with your team and deliver an integral and effective plan for strategic business development.
We work with you to identify the key factors that influence the effectiveness of your strategic choices. We define the core business to focus on or advise on possible variants to spread out through geographical expansion or internationalization. Some of our services include:

Strategic Consulting

  • Risk Management - identify and estimate the risks, opportunities and threats.
  • Strategy Assessment - understand and quantify which business, market and technology tools will move the business forward. Analyse and define the customer approach and route to market strategy.
  • Investment Allocation - determine the key points for strategic investment and fund the activity that drives optimal profitability.
  • Performance Management - monitor and optimize results to achieve strategic objectives across multiple organizational levels from planning to execution.
  • Sales and Representation Services

  • Researching Prospects and Qualifying
  • Outsourcing your earliest sales processes to Bernstein, including research, where our work involves defining and looking out for potential prospects. We can design and structure a process that would enable you to identify potentials with a greater degree of certainty about their relevance and longstanding revenue potential.

  • Representative Services for Overseas or Smaller Clients
  • Market your services or products through Bernstein in regions, remote for your company such as Europe, Australia, Canada or UAE. Bernstein can represent you to establish an early market entry in these markets, without you having to set up a local office or recruit local staff. Our team operates in a variety of industries and sectors across Europe, Australia, Canada and the UAE and has excellent potential to address those markets. Bernstein’s wide network of contacts globally also enable us to offer a similar approach in South Africa and/or Asia. Over and above these services for overseas clients Bernstein can also provide crucial sales representation for smaller and more specialized organizations who might not, at this stage in their development, have the scale to conduct the sales campaigns they desire.