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Bernstein acquired Smart2Startup.com

Bernstein announced today that the company has acquired Smart2Startup.com.

Smart2Startup.com provides end to end start-up, business development and outsourcing services in one of the most favourable destinations for BPO in Europe – Bulgaria.

The country is a perfect spot for investment and establishing new business, and ranks among the top 10 outsourcing destinations in the world.

"Our customers benefit from the lowest corporate and personal income tax rate in the European Union, at 10%, low overall cost of doing business and last but not least from highly qualified, multilingual and cost effective labour force." said Bernstein Managing Director Joana Kehlibarova. "In addition to all unique outsourcing advantages of Bulgaria, we provide added value services and deliver results by developing individual business models, taking care of every detail, saving our customers' time and money."

"We are currently in process of renewing and restructuring Smart2Startup.com web site, but it will soon go live with interesting and useful information for your business start-ups. Meanwhile, if you have an inquiry or need our professional services please contact us. We will be more than happy to work with you and develop a tailored solution for you business, one that fits perfectly to your requirements."