Welcome to Bernstein site. Management consulting company, working with a variety of services and clients. We are one of the leading IT outsourcing companies in Bulgaria.

Operations management

We will make sure that your company operations are properly organized and managed. From development through every stage of implementation and day-to-day operations, our services ensure organizations are effectively using resources and maximizing profit.

Services Overview:

Legal Entity Set up

Do you consider expanding your operations in Europe? Bernstein can relocate your production, trade operations or other core business functions in Bulgaria. As a member of EU and NATO Bulgaria offers very stable political environment and due to its economic indexes and geographical location the country is a favourable business and investment destination.
We can help you to establish a legal entity in Bulgaria, which will give you an easier access to European markets. We can provide services from A to Z from drafting documents and company registration to office set up, furnishing, management, administration and representation.

Virtual Office

If you want to expand your presence but wish to avoid renting office space and hiring unnecessary overhead, our virtual office services are the right solution for your company. Lease a virtual office in Bulgaria, enabling you to expand into European markets and increase your market share. Our virtual office space solutions will give you the opportunity to grow your business, while avoiding unnecessary overhead. We can provide a virtual address and a local representative. You can customize our services to fit your business needs and your budget.

Paralegal Services

Bernstein can assist you with preparing, proof-reading or editing different type of documents, declarations and reporting forms. We can provide administrative assistance with local institutions and facilitate your communication through direct contact and representation.

Corporate Compliance

Our experts can consult you on corporate compliance. We can help you to assess leadership, estimate risk, implement standards, monitor internal processes, policies and controls.
Our team will evaluate numerous compliance issues, so that your company policy and procedures will be in accordance with the local regulatory environment in Bulgaria. We will properly guide your company, employees and third parties on relevant laws, regulations, corporate policies, and prohibited conduct.